Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chris and Melissa got married!

My sweet friends Chris and Melissa got married in February in Atlanta. It was such a fun weekend. It was so much fun playing in Atlanta with all my Birmingham friends. The wedding was gorgeous and the Mo-town band was so much fun!! We had a blast.
Me and Mary K

Me, Nicole, Russ and Mary K. (Don't ask me what I am doing in this picture. Who knows!?!)

Snow Day!!

When snow comes to Alabama, you better get out there and enjoy it because it doesn't last long. And that is exactly what my roommates and I did!! We made a snow-woman. And named her Lola, don't ask me why.
Dooley loved the snow!

Katie and Jeremy's Wedding

Me and Lauren.

My Sweet friend Katie got married January 24th. Katie was my roommate when I first moved to Birmingham and is one of my closest friends. I was thrilled to be in her wedding, especially since she was marrying, Jeremy, another one of my friends and not to mention an amazing guy.

New Years 2009!

New Years Eve: For the past 2 years my closest B'ham friends and I have celebrated New Years togther by throwing a huge party at our friend Russ' house on New Years Eve and then spending all day New Year's Day together, eating, drinking and watching football. It has become my favorite holiday here in Birmingham. I love my friends, they are my family!

Me, Russ and Lauren
Lauren, Katie and Me

Oh, and I now have a new roommate, Claire. This is me, Hope and Claire (Claire is holding the cupcake).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Georgia Football 2008

2008 Catch up: Here is what happened in the rest of 2008 that I haven't posted

My Cousin's wedding., July 2008. It was the first Jewish wedding I have ever been to (which explains why my brother is wearing the head covering). My parents, my brother and I had so much fun!